Meet Elvery

Hello! I'm Elvery Tinsley (she/her), a mental health therapist associate and relationship expert dedicated to empowering individuals, couples and organizations through the transformative power of relationship building. My mission is to facilitate resilience using strong relationship skills in your personal life, the workplace or in the community. 

Personal Relationships

With a focus on support at Connected In Community, I am passionate about helping partners navigate challenges, strengthen their bond, and rediscover joy in their relationship. Additionally, I provide therapy for women and teens, guiding them on their journey toward improved mental health. My approach to therapy is rooted in the belief that mental health support can be a transformative process, not just a destination.

Professional Relationships

In addition to providing therapy I consult with various companies, organizations, and schools to deliver workshops, seminars, training and strategies on topics related to mental health and relationship building. Effective relationship building leads to long term success and a positive culture. I believe strong relationships are the foundation of a thriving workplace culture and career. 

Founder of Love Minus Limits

I am also the founder of Love Minus Limits, an organization for couples that goes beyond traditional counseling/therapy. I am committed to provide education and experiences to deepen their connection and thrive together. Through Love Minus Limits, I aim to create spaces where couples can learn, grow, and celebrate their love in meaningful ways.

Fun Facts 

Outside of my professional roles, I cherish quality time with my husband and our three emerging adult children, as we embrace the transition into our empty nester phase. We prioritize family bonding through game nights and special outings, cherishing each moment together.

While family time is precious, I also value self-care and nurturing friendships. I find peace in exploring self-help literature, travel adventures, and occasionally indulging in some online retail therapy.

I would love to opportunity to see how I can support you, your company/organization to achieve success, growth and achievement.  

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